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IOS Application Support

Q) How do I get started?
A) When the application first loads, you will be directed to the settings screen. Here you can choose the sign you want to display when the application first loads, your gender, your region and icon style. Once you are done, tap the "Continue" button.

Q) When are the horoscopes updated?
A) Horoscopes are updated on a daily basis depending on your region. To change when the horoscopes update, follow these quick steps:
1. Tap on the "Settings" button
2. Select the region closest to your location from the "Region" drop-down list
3. Tap on the continue button

Q) How do I change my settings?
A) Tap the "Settings" button located at the very top, adjust the settings to your likeing and tap the "Continue" button.

Q) How can I view horoscopes for other signs?
A) Tap the "Other Signs" button located at the very top and choose the sign you wish to view.

Q) Why doesn't this application work offline?
A) An internet connection is required for this application to work. To save your bandwith only the horoscope data is transmitted via the internet connection.

Q) How Can I Cancel My iTunes Subscription?
A) If you purchased a Subscription through iTunes, you will have to cancel your Subscription through the Apple App Store on your iPhone or through iTunes on your computer. Apple requires customers who purchase a Subscription on iTunes to cancel those Subscription renewals through their App Store on their iDevice, or through their iTunes Store on their computer.

Please note that once you turn off auto-renewal through the App Store or through iTunes, you will not be billed for your Subscription in the future and your Subscription will expire at the end of your current billing cycle. If you wish to contact iTunes directly, Apple asks their customers to go through their menu system in order to resolve their issue. Please follow the link, which will take you to Apple’s Customer Support page where you can send a support ticket directly to Apple:


To cancel the automatic renewal of your Horoscope Plus Subscription on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, please follow the steps listed below:
- Launch App Store on your Apple device
- Tap on “Featured” in the left corner of the App Store menu
- Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on “Apple ID” (if you have not signed in to your account recently, it will say “Sign In” instead)
- From the pop up menu tap “View Account”. Enter your password and tap “OK”
- From the main account page scroll down and tap “Manage”
- On the “Manage App Subscriptions” screen choose your Horoscope Subscription
- Tap “On” to toggle the switch to the “Off” position
- Tap “Turn Off” on the confirmation pop up screen

To cancel automatic renewal of your Horoscope Plus Subscription through iTunes on your computer or laptop, please follow the steps listed below:
- Launch iTunes on your computer
- Click on “Store” option from the top menu bar and Select “View Account” (you may be asked to re-enter your iTunes password to log in)
- From Account Information Screen, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “Settings” section
- Click on “Manage” to the right of Subscriptions
- From the “Manage Subscription” screen click on your Horoscope Subscription
- On the Edit Subscription screen, click the “Off” button to turn off Auto Renewal.
- Click on “Continue” button on the Confirmation Screen.

Once you have submitted your inquiry, you will see: "Thank you. You will receive an email reply within 24 hours."
We hope this information allows you to make your preferred changes to your account. Please contact customer support if you have additional questions or still require assistance.

Q) How do I get in touch with you?
A) You can contact us via email at: contact @ dailyhoroscopes.net

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